File isoamsa.ent produced by the XSL script entities.xsl
     from input data in unicode.xml.

     Please report any errors to David Carlisle
     via the public W3C list www-math@w3.org.

     The numeric character values assigned to each entity
     (should) match the Unicode assignments in Unicode 4.0.

     Entity names in this file are derived from files carrying the
     following notice:

     (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.


     Version: $Id: isoamsa.ent,v 1.2 2003/12/08 15:14:43 davidc Exp $

       Public identifier: ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations//EN//XML
       System identifier: http://www.w3.org/2003/entities/iso8879/isoamsa.ent

     The public identifier should always be used verbatim.
     The system identifier may be changed to suit local requirements.

     Typical invocation:

       <!ENTITY % isoamsa PUBLIC
         "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations//EN//XML"


<!ENTITY cularr           "&#x021B6;" ><!--ANTICLOCKWISE TOP SEMICIRCLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY curarr           "&#x021B7;" ><!--CLOCKWISE TOP SEMICIRCLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY dArr             "&#x021D3;" ><!--DOWNWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY darr2            "&#x021CA;" ><!--DOWNWARDS PAIRED ARROWS -->
<!ENTITY dharl            "&#x021C3;" ><!--DOWNWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB LEFTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY dharr            "&#x021C2;" ><!--DOWNWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB RIGHTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY dlarr            "&#x02199;" ><!--SOUTH WEST ARROW -->
<!ENTITY drarr            "&#x02198;" ><!--SOUTH EAST ARROW -->
<!ENTITY hArr             "&#x021D4;" ><!--LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY harr             "&#x02194;" ><!--LEFT RIGHT ARROW -->
<!ENTITY harrw            "&#x021AD;" ><!--LEFT RIGHT WAVE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY lAarr            "&#x021DA;" ><!--LEFTWARDS TRIPLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY Larr             "&#x0219E;" ><!--LEFTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW -->
<!ENTITY larr2            "&#x021C7;" ><!--LEFTWARDS PAIRED ARROWS -->
<!ENTITY larrhk           "&#x021A9;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK -->
<!ENTITY larrlp           "&#x021AB;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH LOOP -->
<!ENTITY larrtl           "&#x021A2;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH TAIL -->
<!ENTITY lhard            "&#x021BD;" ><!--LEFTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB DOWNWARDS -->
<!ENTITY lharu            "&#x021BC;" ><!--LEFTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB UPWARDS -->
<!ENTITY lrarr2           "&#x021C6;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW OVER RIGHTWARDS ARROW -->
<!ENTITY lsh              "&#x021B0;" ><!--UPWARDS ARROW WITH TIP LEFTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY map              "&#x021A6;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW FROM BAR -->
<!ENTITY mumap            "&#x022B8;" ><!--MULTIMAP -->
<!ENTITY nearr            "&#x02197;" ><!--NORTH EAST ARROW -->
<!ENTITY nhArr            "&#x021CE;" ><!--LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nharr            "&#x021AE;" ><!--LEFT RIGHT ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nlArr            "&#x021CD;" ><!--LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nlarr            "&#x0219A;" ><!--LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nrArr            "&#x021CF;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nrarr            "&#x0219B;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH STROKE -->
<!ENTITY nwarr            "&#x02196;" ><!--NORTH WEST ARROW -->
<!ENTITY olarr            "&#x021BA;" ><!--ANTICLOCKWISE OPEN CIRCLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY orarr            "&#x021BB;" ><!--CLOCKWISE OPEN CIRCLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY rAarr            "&#x021DB;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS TRIPLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY Rarr             "&#x021A0;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW -->
<!ENTITY rarr2            "&#x021C9;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS PAIRED ARROWS -->
<!ENTITY rarrhk           "&#x021AA;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK -->
<!ENTITY rarrlp           "&#x021AC;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH LOOP -->
<!ENTITY rarrtl           "&#x021A3;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH TAIL -->
<!ENTITY rarrw            "&#x0219D;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS WAVE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY rhard            "&#x021C1;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB DOWNWARDS -->
<!ENTITY rharu            "&#x021C0;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB UPWARDS -->
<!ENTITY rlarr2           "&#x021C4;" ><!--RIGHTWARDS ARROW OVER LEFTWARDS ARROW -->
<!ENTITY rsh              "&#x021B1;" ><!--UPWARDS ARROW WITH TIP RIGHTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY uArr             "&#x021D1;" ><!--UPWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY uarr2            "&#x021C8;" ><!--UPWARDS PAIRED ARROWS -->
<!ENTITY uharl            "&#x021BF;" ><!--UPWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB LEFTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY uharr            "&#x021BE;" ><!--UPWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB RIGHTWARDS -->
<!ENTITY vArr             "&#x021D5;" ><!--UP DOWN DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY varr             "&#x02195;" ><!--UP DOWN ARROW -->
<!ENTITY xhArr            "&#x027FA;" ><!--LONG LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY xharr            "&#x027F7;" ><!--LONG LEFT RIGHT ARROW -->
<!ENTITY xlArr            "&#x027F8;" ><!--LONG LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->
<!ENTITY xrArr            "&#x027F9;" ><!--LONG RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW -->